Barcode scanner

Effortlessly manage inventory with Barcodica app. Scan, track quantities, import data, and export in seconds. The ultimate barcode scanner app.

Three types of scanners

Choose from a screen-based scanner for speed, a button-based scanner for battery optimization, or a continuous scanning mode for convenience.

Create product records

Match barcodes with detailed product information, including name, price, images, and more. Every time you scan the barcode, the saved data will be displayed.

Seamless integration

Import products from your sales or inventory system effortlessly.

Quantity tracking

Scan the same barcode repeatedly, and the quantity will be automatically incremented. Edit quantities easily.

Handy search option

Quickly find scanned barcodes using the search functionality.

Share and export

Share your scanned barcode list in CSV, customizable with the columns you need.

Expired product management

Add expiration dates and easily identify expired products.

Advanced settings

Set up additional scanner settings to prevent duplicate barcodes or combine similar ones.

Label scanned barcodes with color

Helps to identify products that need attention.

Made by Martins Vasiljevs